Baby Organic Cleanser 1000L refill

Code: BL 8001

Weight: 1.000 kg
Packaging Size: 16.5cm(H) x 5.5cm(W)

  • 100% Natural Organic Extract
  • 100% Baby Safe if ingested
  • 100% Eco safe & Antibacterial
  • 0% Petrochemicals
  • To safeguard your Baby’s Health

Special Features:

  • All Natural Ingredient Organic Cleanser totally SAFE if ingested. Certified by USA National Food Laboratory (NFL/FDA)
  • Anti-Bacteria and Anti-Toxin Deposits. Tested by SGS to kill E-Coli and Staphylococcus in 1 minute
  • Powerful Milk Fats and Stains Removal Yet Gentle on Skin
  • Eco Safe, Non-Artificial Flavour, Fragrance and Colour Pigmentation

How to use:

For cleaning Feeding bottles, nipples and accessories, spray the Baby Organic Cleanser and rinse thoroughly. For cleaning tough milk stains, spray the Baby Organic Cleanser and immerse the baby feeding accessories into a 40 degree Celsius warm water for more than 3 minutes to multiply its effectiveness. Use bottle brush if necessary and rinse thoroughly.

For cleaning Fruits and Vegetables, spray the Baby Organic Cleanser into water, immerse for about 3 minutes to dissolve chemical substances effectively and rinse thoroughly.

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