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Our very own Babylove Cradle Stand with Accessories is designed to be extremely durable and solid. Made adjustable in height with castor wheels attached, it comes with complete accessories such as a standard size cradle net, a set of 5’s cradle springs and an epoxy cradle hanger. This set is every parent’ headache free choice, giving your baby an amazing sleep environment with a touch of nostalgia.

Key features:

  • Cradle stand : Made from steel, making it durable and solid to support the weight of a sleeping child up.
  • Cradle net : Made from 100% polyester, suitable to be washed and it is known to be fast drying. It is also friendly to baby’s delicate skin while providing optimum air-ventilation.
  • Cradle hanger : Made from epoxy, providing a solid and durable strength to hold the cradle net and your baby firmly.
  • 5’s cradle spring : Provides strong resistance as an extra precaution to prevent accidents giving your sleeping baby a safe and ideal sleep.
  • Weight capacity : Up to approximately 30kg.

Materials & Measurements:

  • Cradle stand base : 26” x 42” (67cm x 107cm)
  • Cradle net : Standard net size
  • Cradle stand height : Two heights 78” or 84” (198cm or 213cm)

What’s in the box:

  • Cradle Stand x 1
  • Normal Size Cradle Net x 1
  • A set of 5’s Cradle Springs x 1
  • An Epoxy Cradle Hanger x 1

Additional information

Weight 8.2 kg
Dimensions 51 × 84 × 13 cm

Blue, Cream, Silver


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