Product Code: BL4882


– Casing: 50% Cotton, 45% Polyesther
– Filling: 100% AA Grade Virgin Polyester Fibre


– 23.62" x 19.68" x 7" (60cm x 50cm x 18cm)

Product Description:

Babylove Premium Nursing Pillow (Deluxe) secures mothers with maximum nursing comfort and cuddle support throughtout their pregnancy and post delivery. It holds babies snugly and comfortably in place.

Feeding baby in an ergonomically posture to reduce strain on arms, shoulders and neck. Breastfeed or bottle feed, it is the best and most effective nursing aid for baies lying, propping, tummy time, playing and learning to sit.

Furthermore, it comes with a PVC bag, thus it is extremely portable and easy to maintain the hygiene!

Besides, the filling of Babylove Premium Nursing Pillow is made from 100% AA grade virgin polyester fibre, which mean you can wash the nursing pillow in washing machine without worrying it will out of shape!

In addition, you're recommended to get an extra Babylove Premium Nursing Pillowcase (BL4981) for your nursing pillow, so you can frequently change and wash the pillowcase to maintain hygiene!

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 53 × 60 × 13 cm



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