Computerised Baby Cradle

Code: BL 8111

10 Special Features 

  1. Electrical Safety : Power Input 12V DC only , electric/lighting shock totally avoided.
  2. Mechanical Durability : Mechanic motions powered by electro-magnetic force. No wear and tear to non-contacting components and unlikely to exhaust.
  3. Structural Reliability : Crash proof design prevent spring detach from cradle box cause falling.
  4. Efficient : Baby practically fast asleep without much human attention.
  5. Robust : Fully Automatic , consistently operational despite violent kicks from the baby.
  6. Comfort : Gravity aligned constant and rhythmic movements like the harmonic heart baby felt in the womb.
  7. Convenient : Relief to catch up with other chores and gain time freedom.
  8. Economical : Energy saving , consume 6 cents per day of electricity.
  9. User Friendly : Easy to use , operation simple as 1-2-3.
  10. Timer & Music (for BL-222 & BL-333) : Timer and music Control lull baby to sleep prevent baby fussess and cries at nights.

Operation Simple As 1-2-3

 Step 1 

  • Gently place baby into sarong net.

Step 2

  • Hold the Control Box with left hand & loosen both adjustable Screws with right hand. Adjust the Control Box up or down until the bottom base of the Control Box align with the Timing Point (craved marking on the center rod). Tighten both Adjustable Screws. 
  • ! Always remember to adjust the Control Box to align with the Timing Point as baby grows bigger.

Step 3

For Model : BL-111

  • ON ! : Push up the Toggle Switch to “ON” position. 
  • OFF ! : Pull down the Toggle Switch to “OFF” position or switch off power supply.

For Model : BL-222 & BL-333

  • ON ! : Push up the Toggle Switch to “45 Minutes” and adjust with the Timer Control Knob or Pull Down the Toggle Switch to “12 Hours” for continuous operation.
  • OFF ! : Push up the Toggle Switch to “45 Minutes” and turn to “OFF” position or switch off power supply.


Speed Control 

Motion Speed varies in accordance with baby’s Weight and quantity of Spring used. (Refer to spring chart on the Control Box).

For instance baby weight 4kg should use 1 spring and fine tune speed within the range of 1 to 6 or more if deem necessary.

! When the speed exceeding the safety limit , the computer device will automatically slow down the cradle, to prevent risks of Shaken Baby Syndrome ( Head Injury – Brain Damage). 


  • Warranty : 12 Months
  • Max Baby Weight : 18 KG
  • Only Speed , No Music , No Timer


In The Box :  

  • Cradle Control Unit (1)
  • Spring Metal Plate (2) 
  • Black Spring (2) for BL-111 & BL-222 / Black Spring (3) for BL-333
  • U-lock (2)
  • Center Rod (1)
  • Sarong Hanger (1)
  • AC/DC Adapter (1)
  • Nylon String (1)
  • Twist & Turn Wire (1)

Special Features: