Product Code: 4 in 1 Bath Combo (0126 + 0101 + 2050 + 1663)

Babylove 2 Level Adjustable Bath Tub Stand : Iron
Babylove Bath Tub : Thermoplastic
Babylove Bath Net : Mildew Resistant Mesh (Net)
Babylove Bath Towel : 100% Cotton

Babylove Bath Tub Stand : 52.5cm x 85cm x 45cm – 2 adjustable heights
Babylove Bath Tub : 73cm x 43cm x 17cm
Babylove Bath Net : 47cm x 62cm
Babylove Bath Towel : 50cm x 100cm

Product Description:
The Babylove Bath Tub allowed your baby to bath comfortably. It is made from great quality Thermoplastic, thus it is extremely durable!

Furthermore, this tub included two holders for soap or bath toys. Thus, it is very convenient for mommy and daddy while bathing the baby!

Meanwhile, the Babylove 2 Level Adjustable Bath Tub Stand enabled you to bath your baby comfortably without bending your back, because the bath tub stand is adjustable. Thus, you’re able to bath your baby in two ways and two levels! Standing and sitting!

The bath tub stand is foldable and lightweight. Therefore, it is extremely convenient in terms of storage!

As for the Babylove Bath Net enable you to bath your baby stress less, because it allowed your baby to lie on it. Besides, it also can let your shoulder more comfortable while bathing your baby, because you no longer need to carry your baby gently while bathing your baby.

Recommend total load: up to 15 kgs

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Additional information

Weight 3.4 kg
Dimensions 56 × 107 × 7 cm

Blue, Pink


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