Product Code: BL6085 + 3512z + 5006

Combo of Cradle Stand with Full Accessories + Mosquito Net + Dimple Pillow  


– Cradle Stand: Steel
– Cradle Net: 100% Polyester


– Cradle Stand‘s Base: 26″ x 42″ (67cm x 107cm)
– Cradle Stand’s Adjustable Height: 78″ or 84″ (198cm or 213cm)

Product Description:

Babylove Cradle Stand With Accessories do come with a cradle stand, a normal size cradle net, a set of 5’s cradle springs and a epoxy cradle hanger.

The cradle stand is extremely durable and it is adjustable.

It also come with 2 pairs of castor wheels, which allow you to move the cradle stand easily!

Besides, the cradle net is made from 100% polyester, thus it is washable, fast-dry, baby-friendly and able to provide great air-ventilation.

Therefore, it can provide your baby a amazing sleeping environment and experience!

Meanwhile, the epoxy cradle hanger is very solid and durable as well, thich mean it could hold the cradle net and your baby firmly.

Furthermore, the 5’s cradle spring is extremly durable and can provide your baby extra precaution while your baby are sleeping in the cradle. Thus, it is very safety!

Lastly, the weigth capacity is approximately 30 kgs. Therefore, it is very safety and ideal for your baby sleep in.

Product Features

Babylove Cradle Stand With Full Accessories including:-

Cradle Stand (2 adjustable heights) + Castor Wheels
Cradle 5’s Spring Set
Cradle Hanger
Cradle Safety U-locks x2
Cradle Safety Bad
Cradle Net

Product Code: BL3511Z / BL3512Z


– 100% Polyester


– BL3511Z: One Size FIts All – Suitable For All Cradle Net
– BL3512Z: One Size FIts All – Suitable For All Cradle Net

Product Description:

Babylove Cradle Mosquito Net With Zip is able to prevent mosquito, insect and bugs from harming your baby

Therefore, it can reduce the risk of getting Dengue Fever and other related disease.

Besides, it is highly breathable and can provide your baby a great air-ventilation sleeping environment. It also allowed you to monitor your baby easily and without removing the net.

In addition it is made from 100% Polyester, thus it is very durable and washable.

Product Code: BL5006


– Casing:100% Knit Cotton
– Filling: 100% AA Grade Virgin Polyester Fibre


– 10″ x 7″ x 1.6″± (25cm x 18cm x 4cm±)

Product Description:

Babylove Newborn Dimple Pillow Jumbo is dedicated to prevent your baby from having flat-head.

Its filling is made from 100% AA Grade Virgin Polyester Fibre, thus you can wash it in washing machine without worrying it will out of shape!

Additional information

Weight 8.2 kg
Dimensions 51 × 84 × 13 cm

Blue, Cream, Silver


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