Product Code: BL0673


– Playpen Frame: Steel, Plastic, Mesh Fabric, Polyester
– Wheel: Rubber, Plastic


– Playpen Frame: 126cm x 66cm x 87cm)
– Mattress Base Height 1st Level: 120cm x 60cm x 60cm
– Mattress Base Height 2nd Level: 120cm x 60cm x 33cm

Product Description:
Babylove Lion Playpen uniquely designed with Dropside, which provide convenience for parents to lower down the side and easy to carry the precious one. The Playpen come with full-length Mosquito Net, Hanging Soft-Toy and a Travel Bag.
Thus, it is ideal to use in home and for travel purposes.

Besides, the playpen’s do come with a side pocket, which allowed you to place things such as blanket, tissue, handkerchief and other essentials.

Meanwhile, the playpen’s weight capacity is approximately 25kgs!

In addition, the playpen travel bag has 2 hole for the wheels, thus you can move your playpen just like a luggage!

Furthermore, the mesh fabric surrounding the playpen is able to provide your baby a great air-ventilation playing and sleeping environment. It also enable you to see through and monitor your baby easily.

Product Code: BL2075

MosFree Compressed Roll Foam Mattress
Sleep without being bothered


– Mattress Core – Hi Density Foam
– Mattress Cover – Quilted Satin


– 120cm x 60cm x H7.5cm

Product Description:

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Additional information

Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 88 × 28 × 27 cm
Bundle & PWP

Bundle, PWP Blue, PWP Pink


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