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Best Newborn Baby Products Online Store

We’ve picked few pieces we’re pretty sure you’ll love.
Check back often and enjoy.

Based on 80 reviews
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  1. NB
  2. NB
  3. R

    bantal favourite anak. tukar baru, bantal lama dah jadi pekasam. insyallah akan repeat lagi bila bantal anak dah lunyai.

    Image #1 from rossamaria80
  4. JJ

    Safety:10/10 Functionality:10/10 barang dh selamat sampai..quality n cute..suka sangat.

  5. T

    Safety:good Functionality:very good Pillow very nice, pattern also very cute and as per advertised by seller. No defects, pillow is soft and just nice

    Image #1 from tapsomebong

Why us

We emphasized on Product Safety and Quality,
as well as the impact towards the environment.


Our products are examined and tested by independent
assurance institutes such as eco-INSTITUT (German),
LGA (German) andย  OEKO-TEX (Switzerland).

Parenting Tips

We’re all born with love
Sharing it is the main purpose of our existence.

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What Our Clients Say
83 reviews

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