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Baby Bed and Sleeping Tips by babylove  May 26, 2021

Young parents today are way more cautious about what they provide for their infants. It is only natural as parents always strive to give the best for their babies. Usually, more parents are worried about their babies’ sleep. Usually, more parents are worried about their babies’ sleep.

Trailing this concern, mattresses for babies are currently rising in popularity due to its’ safety measures. In this article, we will look at important things to consider when purchasing a baby mattress. Before we jump directly into the key areas of consideration, let’s first analyze whether or not a baby’s mattress is       necessary.

Baby mattresses help optimum sleep (for both parent and baby)

For the first six months, it is recommended that parents share rooms with their babies. Somehow it has become a common practice for parents to share their rooms and beds. However, this is highly discouraged as parents tend to lose more sleep than they already do, and babies are prone to awaken even from the slightest movement. By sharing a mattress, both parents and babies may have their sleep compromised.

Baby mattresses are important for hygienic concerns

As babies tend to wet and soil beds during their sleep, it is necessary that mattresses must be cleaned frequently.

Baby mattresses are significant for your baby’s spine wellness

While your mattress may be justifiable for your spine and sleep comfort, this is not applicable for your child as infants have a more delicate spine and are concurrently growing at a quick rate. Investing in a baby mattress would also imply that you’re investing in your babies spine health.

Here are few important a key element that we approve of and believe is necessary when buying a baby mattress.

Baby-friendly mattress cover

Firstly, the mattress cover of a baby mattress should be delicate to keep away from abrasions. Babies tend to have soft skin that is sensitive, thin and delicate making them prone to abrasions, wounds, and redness. It is necessary that the cover does not cause irritation to your baby’s skin. It is also important that the fabric of the mattress cover absorbs moisture to encourage a comfortable night’s sleep, especially when your baby wets his/her bed. Above all, the covers should come with an option to be removed for cleaning whenever necessary (which would be often).


Your mattress of choice should be hypoallergenic to avoid health issues.


The important key feature a baby mattress should have is ventilation. A mattress with good ventilation permits infants to be at the best sleeping temperature. Placing importance on the bed’s ventilation will guarantee your babies health and hygienic sleep.

Next up, let’s look into babylove Natural Fibre mattresses benefits.

Babylove natural fibre mattress is hypoallergenic. Although they tend to be on the pricier side, these natural mattresses are known to give good support for the baby’s spine. Made from materials such as 100% natural coconut fibre, these mattresses tend to have good air ventilation too. Babylove Coconut Fibre Mattress is dedicated to providing  solid orthopaedic support to your baby and its amazing air ventilation is capable to ensure your baby sleep on a cool and breathable mattress.

We hope this article has armed you with all the necessary data you may need before purchase and help you in searching for the best baby mattress.


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