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There are so many potties available, how do you know which one to pick? Before making your purchase, we’ve listed a few important factors to consider when picking a potty.

Is your kid ready to make the jump out of diapers? Congrats! Now it’s the ideal time for the big purchase: the potty. We’ve broken down a few important decisions and key features to consider when you look for the ideal potty for your child and your bathroom. If your child is interested, take your toddler along on the shopping trip. Here are few things to keep in mind.

Consider Potty Fit and Size

Potties come in a variety of heights and edge sizes, so it’s important to pick one with a good fit. “Size matters. If your toddler’s bottom is hanging over the seat or barely covering the inside edge, your baby probably feels uncomfortable, anxious, or both The correct size seat will let your kids bottom rest comfortably and solidly on the potty seat.

Check Ease of Emptying

If you pick a stand-alone potty, you’ll have more work to do. Check out the box’s exterior or online product reviews to see how many steps are needed to empty and clean the pot. Some are a simple step process; others require that you have to disassemble half the potty — every single time.

Look for Splash Guards

In case you’re potty training a boy, you can cut down on post-potty cleanup by selecting a seat with a splash guard. pick one that is sufficiently high to help keep the pee in the potty but isn’t so tall that it will be tricky for your child to sit down on the potty by himself.

Key potty features to consider:

• It should be large enough for your toddler to sit comfortably by themselves, potentially for a significant long time.
• Bright colours and shapes are generally liked by your toddler.
• Ensure they can climb on and off easily and it is stable.
• The simplest potties are generally made of plastic and will be lightweight with no extra parts. These potties have the advantage of being smaller and more portable for outings etc.

Benefits of using a potty

• Smaller potties are portable for when you are out and about, generally in the four-wheeler or visiting family and friends.
• Generally small and lower, making it easy for your baby to hop on and off – their feet should contact the ground.
• Great colours and designs are more appealing to your baby than the traditional toilet and give them contribution and possession.
• The potty is mobile, so your baby isn’t constantly constrained to using it in the bathroom.

Choosing the perfect potty for your baby requires a lot of patience on the part of the parents. Try our Babylove Premium 5 in 1 Bath Set (Bath tub, Potty, Potty Seat, Towel and Bath Bed), and share the experience with us!

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