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For a baby blanket, cotton may be an ideal decision, but it’s important to understand why a 100% cotton baby blanket is a good choice for modern mothers.

Your newborn is as sensitive as is their skin. That is why cotton is the best organic fabric for your newborn skin. This is the reason specialists recommend using cotton baby blankets, sheets and cotton clothing for babies. Here are a few reasons why you should use only cotton fabrics for your baby:

Cotton is …

1.low maintenance.

Babies need extra care or high maintenance. Babies blankets don’t need to be. Babylove 100% Cotton Heritage Knitted Blanket is produced using 100% cotton. Subsequently, it is skin-friendly and extremely comfortable. Besides, its thickness has perfectly suited the necessities of keeping your baby warm and comfortable. Furthermore, the dyeing process is toxic-free and it is environmental-friendly too.

  • All dyes and finish procedures are free from toxins.
  • Knitted blanket is softest and 100% cotton.
  • Thick and comfortable
  • Suitable for newborn babies

2.warm AND breathable.

Babies require unique breathable blankets to keep them protected and warm. Baby blankets are important for each newborn. It keeps them warm and comfortable. . Babylove 100% Cotton Heritage Knitted Blanket is delicate in the material. This blanket makes your baby feel comfortable, warm and is likewise protected on their delicate skin.

3.soft, especially 100% Cotton

A blanket made of 100 % cotton fabric has various desirable characteristics. Cotton blankets are delicate and hypoallergenic, which makes them perfect for newborns. Cotton blankets are also great for the summer season due to their breathability.

  1. perfect all year round.

During especially the early months and years, a baby experiences not only the ordinary seasons at home but may also need to travel to very different environments. Cotton is a 100% natural fabric and biodegradable too. If your baby is going to get attached to a blanket, should be one that looks and feels ideal for all seasons.


Cotton is a smoother fibre than most kinds of wool, which implies that you won’t get long, loose fibres falling off the blanket that end up in your babies throat. In addition, thanks to these smooth fibres, cotton won’t pill like various sorts of wool.

Thus, with 100% Cotton Heritage Knitted Blanket you no longer worry your baby will lack warmth and comfort at night. It is made from organic briccotton fa, while its dyeing and finishing procedures are toxic-free.

We love wool and wool blankets. But for regular use cotton is an ideal choice for newborns.

By now you must knew the benefits of cotton. So, use organic cotton receiving blankets, sheets and cotton clothes for your tiny new born baby.

Babylove  specially design and make organic fabric: blanket, organic pillows, Mattress etc., especially for your newborn. All baby clothes in babylove are soft and natural cotton fabric.

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