Tips For Safe Bath Temperature For Babies What you need to know?

Baby Bath and Bathing Tipsby babylove June 2, 2021

A safe bath temperature for the little one and kids is between 37°C and 38°C.

Scalds can occur in seconds if the bathwater is too hot. Numerous scalds happen in the bathroom when:

  • a kid is placed in a dangerously hot shower
  • a kid is already in the water and puts a hand or foot under running hot water
  • water in the shower hasn’t been swirled, so there are hot and cold zones
  • kids turn on the taps themselves.

A kid can be severely scalded in less than a second when the temperature of the water coming out of your taps is around 65°C. When the water emerging from your taps is at a maximum of 50°C, it’s much secure. At this temperature, it requires five minutes to severely scald a kid

Baby bath time: how often?

A bath 2-3 times per week is enough to keep your baby clean. But if your baby really loves baths, you can bathe the baby once a day. Bathing more than this can dry out your little one’s skin.

You can keep your little one’s genitals clean between baths by using lukewarm water and cotton wool.

About 5-10 minutes is long enough for a baby shower. This is particularly important if your baby’s skin is dry or sensitive.

Where to bath your baby

You can shower your baby in a baby bath until they’re too big to fit comfortably. Then it might be simpler to shower your baby in the big bath.

You can also shower with your little one. Keep your infants face away from the pouring water and make sure the water isn’t too hot.

Here are few simple tips for preventing scalds in your kid’s bath time:

Check the bath temperature using a thermometer. You could also test the temperature by placing your arm in. If your skin goes red, the water is excessively hot for your kid

Ensure that the water coming out of your taps is at a maximum temperature of 50°C. This is a low-risk temperature for scalds.

This is why it’s good to have a temperature control device fitted to your bathtub.

For safety purpose, Baby Love introduced a special feature in the bathtub for your little one. The heat sensor thermometer in the bathtub checks the temperature of water whether hot or cold.

Babylove Bath Tub with a thermometer which allows your baby to bath comfortably as well as you no need to check with your elbow whether the temperature is too hot or too cold for the baby. You might like to use our Bathtub with a special feature, it is very convenient for mommy and daddy while bathing the baby!

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