Our Brand Story

All The Little Things That Matters Most

Babylove, a brand name for itself focusing on showering the little ones with unconditional love since 1983. Founded and formed with utmost dedication, we are here to provide the best choices to your baby, as well as to you and your family. Whether you are a new parent or an experienced one, we believe that every life brought into this world by you holds an important place in your heart. Thus, the constant searching and providing what is best for your child.

At Babylove, we focus on bringing your family on an enjoyable journey of parenthood. Delicately designed, our products are best curated by a team of professional baby lovers giving your little ones a safe and comfortable environment leading to a long-lasting positive impact in your child’s daily living. We at Babylove also strongly emphasize on a sustainable environment as we believe having a liveable environment is the greatest legacy that can be passed down to the next generation. Therefore, we are constantly on the move working on improving our products and production line reducing environmental impacts at the same time giving better comfort to your baby and family.

What Matters To Us

Your Baby
We want to provide your baby the most safety and comfortable beddings and bath products. Thus, we invest countless effort on our R&D.
We believe by providing excellent product to your baby and informative parenting knowledge to you, we could improve your parenting experience.
Our Environment & Society
We want to provide the most ideal environmental and baby friendly products affordable to all walks of life, because we believe all family deserve it!