Our Brand Story


Little Things Matter

At Babylove, we care about your little sunshine and every little thing in between. We are dedicated to provide the ideal choices to your baby, your family, and you, because we believe as a parent you are always searching for the best of best for your baby. Thus, we are here to assists you by providing products that can have long-lasting positive impact on your baby and parenting knowledge that can improve your baby’s living.

That’s why every decision we make at Babylove do emphasize on baby’s safety, comfort and living experience. Besides, we also emphasize on environment sustainability, because we believe having a liveable and sustainable environment is the greatest legacy we can hand to our babies. Therefore, we are constantly working on improving our products and production line to reduce the environmental impacts.

What Matters To Us

Your Baby
We want to provide your baby the most safety and comfortable beddings and bath products. Thus, we invest countless effort on our R&D.
We believe by providing excellent product to your baby and informative parenting knowledge to you, we could improve your parenting experience.
Our Environment & Society
We want to provide the most ideal environmental and baby friendly products affordable to all walks of life, because we believe all family deserve it!
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