Product Code: BL0850

Every baby needs a safe place to sleep and safe baby bedding. When parents know they’re providing safe sleeping environment for the baby, they can feel comfortable when putting their baby to bed. It has rounded edges and side bars spaced at safe distances. Besides, it’s made by Malaysia Solid Meranti Wood, a sustainably harvested tropical rain forest species medium-hardwood – which is around twice the price of pine and rubber wood. More durable and its carbon foot print is friendlier than imported pine.

Suitable from Newborn to 3 years old. Easier to train baby to sleep on their own. Practicing ABC (Alone, On their Back, in a Crib/Cot) to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Key features :
  • Non-Toxic Paint prevents babies from agitating their delicate skin
  • Non-Toxic Plastic Teether protects teething babies from directly biting the bed frame.
  • Comes with two-handed drop side mechanism enables parents or guardians to lower down the side gate with just one hand.
  • Attached with castor wheels with a stopper, locking the baby cot to stay in place for better safety precaution.

Materials & Measurements:

  • Solid Meranti Wood
  • Cot size: 125cm x 66cm x 100cm
  • Mattress size: 120cm x 60cm
  • Support up to 30kgs

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 125 × 66 × 100 cm