Babylove Snuggo 4 In 1 Baby Carrier

Code: BL4001

Babylove Snuggo 4 In 1 Baby Carrier

Babylove Snuggo 4 In 1 Baby Carrier is ideal for newborn from 0 – 18 months. 

It could use in 4 different ways to cater your newborn baby in different stage.

For example, in the early stage you could use the narrow seat position and padded head support to comfortably hold your beloved newborn baby. When he/she grow bigger you could switch to the wide position to provide an ergonomic seat for he/she.

How To Use ( 4 Amazing Ways To Support Your Baby)

  1. The Horizontal Way
  2. The Against Chest Way (Rear Facing)
  3. The Kangaroo Style Way
  4. The Against Chest Way (Front Facing)


Convertible Shoulder Straps

  • Wide padded Shoulder straps Convertible to horizontal position provide carrying comfort

Cool & Washable material

  • Made with easy care and machine washable material for hygienic maintenance

Padded Wing Support

  • Padded sliding buckles (Fully-Padded Heavy Duty Buckles) make it easy to adjust and fasten the carrier to fit your growing child

Light Weight & Dynamic

  • For easy travel and storage

Stylish & Contemporary Design

  • Design: Red/Blue, Orange/Blue, Red/Khaki, Orange/Khaki

Head & Neck Support

  • Adjustable headrest can be adjusted to forward facing position

Practical & Easy To Use

  • Fully-opened design allow one person conveniently put on and lift off your child independently

Pocket For Storage

  • Easy access pocket for mobile phone, wipes etc.



  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Light Weight: 333gram
  • Carry Capacity: From Newborn up to 18 months (Max 15kgs)
  • Hand Wash (Water Temperature 40⁰)

Special Features:

  • Lightweight
  • Safety (i.e.: Head & Neck Support, Fully-Padded Heavy Duty Buckles, & etc)
  • 100% Cotton
  • Washable
  • 4 Different Way To Use