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Choosing the Right Products for your Baby


Baby Cots to ensure your baby gets the perfect sleep.

When preparing to bring your newborn home ask your doctor about products they recommend or what they use in their own home. If you have questions about the best products for your baby your doctor should be your first stop to understand whether or not a product is safe. This simple yet elegant cot bed is made from sustainable wood so you can be sure of the quality. With its easy conversion to a toddler bed, this is sure to see your little one through the years. Babylove Classic 4 In 1 Baby Cot Bed is suitable for newborn to 5 years old babies and it is made from solid Meranti Wood with 3 adjustable base heights. 

Thus, it is extremely durable and ideal for long-term usage. Its non-toxic plastic teether can protect baby teeth from directly biting the bed frame. Besides, the non-toxic paint and finishing can prevent babies from having skin sensitivity. It also has a two-handed drop-side mechanism that enables mommy or daddy to lower down the side gate with one hand. Meanwhile, the castor wheels do come with a stopper, thus the baby cot can be moved and stop easily. 

Furthermore, the baby cot can be transformed into a playpen, junior bed and sofa bed.



Best Baby Tub’s for your baby

When choosing a new bathtub, the first thing you should decide is whether you’re just going to replace your current bathtub or completely renovate your whole bathroom. If you’re undergoing a complete bathroom renovation you’ll probably have the greatest number of options, but even with limited space, with a bit of planning you can still end up with a practical, beautiful bathtub that will last forever.

You should also think about your bathtub’s functionality, both now and into the future. A large family with younger children will have different needs to that of a retiree who may need to consider mobility issues. Some bathtubs are multi-functional, while others focus on indulgence. Your bathtub’s primary use should dictate your selection, which will ultimately determine what works best for your household.

The Babylove Bath Tub With Stopper is a large bathtub, thus it allowed your baby to bath comfortably as well and you no need to buy a new bathtub or larger bathtub when your baby grows bigger!

In addition, the bathtub is made from great quality Thermoplastic, thus it is extremely durable!

Furthermore, this tub included two holders for soap or bath toys. Thus, it is very convenient for mommy and daddy while bathing the baby!

Besides, it also comes with a stopper which allowed mommy and daddy to drain the water easily!

Meanwhile, the Babylove 2 Level Adjustable Bath Tub Stand enabled you to bath your baby comfortably without bending your back, because the bathtub stand is adjustable. Thus, you’re able to bathe your baby in two ways and two levels! Standing and sitting!

The bathtub stand is foldable and lightweight. Therefore, it is extremely convenient in terms of storage!

As for the Babylove Bath Net Stand enable you to bathe your baby stressless, because it allowed your baby to lie on it. Besides, it also can let your shoulder more comfortable while bathing your baby, because you no longer need to carry your baby gently while bathing your baby.

Recommend: support up to 15kg in total.


Mung Beans Pillow for Babies

Comfort pillows are traditionally made by grandparents and parents in Asia to soothe their newborns. It is filled with mung bean husks, hence the name. Mung bean husks comfort pillow provides a sense of security and comfort to babies by simulating the touch of a mother’s hand when placed on the body. The cooling effect of the natural mung bean husks makes such pillows especially suitable for use in warm climates.

 The pillow will provide your baby with a sense of comfort and security by simulating the touch of a hand when placed over the chest or tummy.
✅ This helps cushion against sudden movements and noises that may startle them.
✅ Mums can do “scenting” – a process in which the Mum uses the pillow and the husks absorbs Mum’s scent. This will help soothe your baby as he/she recognizes your scent sensing your closeness.
✅ The soft rustle of the mung bean husks can be used as a natural sleeping aid for babies and toddlers.
✅ This comfort pillow can double up as a pillow for the head.
✅ The pillow can be used to aid in burping the baby after feeding. Just rest the baby on the pillow sideways while gently pat the baby. This helps prevent babies from choking on some milk when they burp.
✅ It can also be easily brought out when travelling.



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