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When it comes to your little ones, you don’t take risks. Not even a simple towel should be purchased without going through a rigorous purchase process to guarantee comfort for your baby. Considering how important your little one is, even choosing the right towel can feel overwhelming. To save you from the agony of overthinking every towel in your hands, here is a quick purchaser’s guide that can help make the process simpler and improve the outcomes.

 Local weather

The kind of towel you decide for your little one should not only be influenced by preferences and comfort. It should also depend on the climate. In cold zones, you should consider a thicker towel that offers more warmth to the little one. In warmer zones, a cotton towel is more preferred. It offers breathability and comfort to the newborn.

No aromas or fragrances

With babies, aromas and fragrances must be avoided. Their noses can’t keep up with the strong smell and their skin may respond with the chemicals used to make the perfumes. Perfumes and scents can cause reactions like respiratory tract complications and allergies to the skin.


Choosing the right material for your little one can be daunting. Even though few materials feel warm, they might not be delicate. Some of the delicate materials might not be warm. You need to choose a towel that offers the best of both worlds for the newborn.

The best materials for a little one’s towel are cotton and wool. If nothing matters except for the best, go for towels with a thicker vibe to them. Large and thick cotton towels are the best for your little ones.

If you decide to go with cotton, it is ideal to purchase a towel made out of premium cotton, because it remains soft even after washing and is kind to your baby’s skin.


When it comes to absorption, a baby’s towel ought to be twice as absorbent as regular towels used by grown-ups. Your little one needs to dry within a short time to avoid catching a cold and cough. Also, you would prefer not to continue to rub the towel against the babies skin. The towel should absorb the water with minimal effort.

Maintenance and cleaning

Having a little one around can be overwhelming. You’re expected to do everything around the house and still deal with the baby. Having a towel that has a thorough cleaning cycle will only add to the difficulty of your daily chores.

A good towel for your baby should be easy to clean. Pick one that is machine launderable. What’s more, the towel should not pill or become rough after few washes.


You can take a lot of time choosing a Babylove premium cotton towel for your baby. If the packaging is not done as expected, the towel can easily get contaminated in transit compromising the towel. Packaging is similarly important as the towel.

If choosing the right towel for your little one is difficult, these basic tips and features should help you make the right decision. It is essential to remember how delicate the skin of your baby is. You should constantly remember this when making each decision. This way, you get a great towel that will give an excellent experience for the baby.

Try our Babylove premium 100% cotton towel, and share the experience with us.


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